We have more than 20 years of history on the market, establishing ourselves in one of the leading positions in Bulgaria. Thanks to its many years of experience, the company has built stable relationships with its partners – one of the largest manufacturers in Europe, always guaranteeing the best quality to its customers.

We have model warehouses in the key cities of Bulgaria – Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Burgas and Blagoevgrad. The company has its own specialized fleet, providing 100% coverage of the logistics network in Bulgaria. The usual staff, the implemented self-control programs ensure excellent storage and preservation of the quality of the products. The key to the company’s success is dynamic management and highly motivated qualified staff.

We hold on to the correctness and accuracy in the execution of our requests.

Warehouse base

Cold storage FRIGO STOCK is located city of Sofia, sq. Orlandovci, st. “The First Bulgarian Army” 80.

Warehouses are licensed under numberBG2203009.

  • FRIGO STOCK Warehouse Sofia covers an area of ​​25,000 square meters with a total storage capacity of 7,500 pallets, with temperatures ranging from +8 to -25 degrees. A dry warehouse has been built, with a capacity of 4,000 seats.
  • Through the month of March 2021. The completion and implementation of a new multi-temperature logistics platform with a total of 2200 cold and 4 000 dry pallet seats is about to be completed and built. elevators and conveyors that allow the warehouse to operate fully automatically without human intervention.
  • It will be equipped with 20 loading-unloading ramps, racking systems with a capacity of 10,000 pallets – seats and a system for managing the complete logistics processes.
  • Long-term and short-term storage.
  • Cross-dock on customer shipments.
  • Admission and picking after client’s nail.
  • Warehouse services, transport services.
  • We offer refrigerated and non-refrigerated transport, international, air, container, sea – as transport services.
  • All means of transport are provided with the necessary solutions for the transport of goods.
  • Cooling trucks equipped with systems with constant temperature control.

Warehouse base

Cold storage FRIGO STOCK is located at 9000, city of Varna, Western Industrial Zone

The warehouses are licensed under numberBG2203009.

  • 780 + 980 pallet places in 3 refrigeration halls for storage of deep-frozen food on a shelving system with an additional 600 sq.m. temperature controlled picking zones.
  • 140 pallet places in 3 refrigerated rooms for storage of refrigerated food on a shelving system.
  • 340 pallet places in one hall, suitable for storage of food and non-food products, without specific temperature storage regime
  • 4000 sq.m. parking spaces with option for storage of goods and packaging, allowing outdoor storage
  • 7 hydraulic ramps; zero-level warehouse access
  • Long-term and short-term storage.
  • Customer shipment cross-dock.
  • Reception and pick-up at the request of the client.
  • Warehousing services, transportation services.
  • We offer refrigerated and non-refrigerated transport, international, air, container, sea – as transport services.
  • All means of transport have the necessary permits for the transport of goods.
  • Refrigerated trucks equipped with devices with constant temperature control.